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The VirtuAgenda application (Software for Customer Management, Reserves and Communications) has as its fundamental objective to manage a portfolio of clients, register and speed up the communications that are made with them through different communication channels and allow the shared management of a agenda of spaces and / or professionals.

To this end, a series of modules and interfaces have been developed that allow the user of the application to carry out the following processes.

Intranet Field

  • Manage a Database with your Customers.
  • Crear separaciones funcionales por tipos de clientes.
  • Create functional separations by types of clients.
  • Manage communications with your customers easily.
    • Creation of conventional Mailing.
    • Creating labels for envelopes (Mailing).
    • Creation of shipments (personalized or massive) through email.
    • Creation of shipments (personalized or massive) through SMS.
  • Manage a history of communications with your customers.
    • Store documents (Word, Excel, PDF, Photos, etc.) associated with each client. (Common data repository).
  • Personalization of Cards and magnetic band recording.
  • Manage the reserves of Spaces and / or Professionals.
  • Manage the collection of Spaces and / or Professional reservations.
  • Statistics of use of Reserve of Spaces and / or Professionals.

Internet Field

  • Allow to reserve a space for your personal or Installation Agenda to third parties.
  • Check the status of third-party reservations.

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